‘Zine Reading reportback & issue 2 update

The reading went very well.  I was going to read from nonservi.am/002 but didn’t feel the material was good enough yet, so I just went with an excerpt from my novel. My bellowing histrionics kept the crowd awake and people seemed to feel what I was puttin’ down. The other readers were excellent… a broad diversity of styles and presentation, from Enola accompanying herself on ukelele to Osa’s photographic slideshow to Robb’s stream-of-consciousness ‘zine-history show-and-tell to Tiara’s interpretive-dance performance.

The Sweet Street Symphony tore it the fuck up as well…  jaysus, looking at that rundown it’s fortunate I’m a lively reader and a passable showman in my shambling-clown way, else I’d-a been dusted by the rest of the lineup.

Thanks to a hellacious flyering campaign, the built-in fanbase of the readers & the promise of live music, it was standing room only. Packed to the gills; we couldn’t have fit another person or another dog in there without seating folks on the ceiling. In short it was an out-the-ballpark homerun of an event and a joy to participate in.

But WHERE oh WHERE is nonservi.am/002 ? And what is that gorgeous artwork above? The second issue is in the works, and the artwork above is by the brilliant ERROAR, who has generously agreed to illustrate the second issue! I’m over the moon at the prospect; she’s an artist I’ve admired for years and her personal style is so suited to the subject matter of the second issue.

The real difficulty will be making sure my writing measures up or at least holds its own vs. ERROAR’s incredible linework. Stay tuned, compadres.

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