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Jules Bentley February Houses Brooklyn PaperA few years back financial exigency drove me to, for a little while, write for non-New Orleans publications.

I had a book-review column (with my own cute author portrait) for The Brooklyn Paper and I contributed literary criticism & fatalistic observation to various queer and anarchist entities. For example:

After a well-received piece on pro wrestling for a now-defunct magazine called The Classical  I was invited to contribute to VICE. I wrote for their print magazine-- the "Scams" issue, which I can no longer find any trace of online-- and then a half-dozen intensely remunerative pieces for their online presence. Two I feel have merit are below:

Golfing with the Guards at Angola Penitentiary

Angola Penitentiary has a golf course inside it. They let me in and I hung around.

September 2015

What Macho Man Randy Savage Meant to Me

I composed an encomium for my hero on the occasion of his (belated) WWE Hall of Fame induction.

January 2015

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