When It Rains, It Pairs

Art by Ben Passmore

Art by Ben Passmore

It's a busy time. I'm looking forward to next week, when I should finish what I expect is the final rewrite of my novel Fuckboys before I submit it for publication.

In the meantime, I continue to churn out what a generous heart might call "journalism." Since my last blog post, I've written two cover stories for Antigravity-- one an interview with anti-capitalist rapper Truth Universal, the other a lengthy disquisition on surveillance in New Orleans.

The surveillance piece is something I'm particularly proud of; a lot went into it.

Jules Bentley February Houses Brooklyn Paper

I've also published two more li'l book reviews for the Brooklyn Paper. The Paper's given me my own monthly small-press review column, complete with an author caricature that, though I am fond of it, makes me look both more aryan & more emo than I am. I reviewed a graphic novel, Iron Bound, and A Long Day in November, a short, unforgettable book by Louisiana author Ernest J Gaines.

I meant to mention this previously, but I was grateful & gratified that my six-part essay about the destruction of the Times Picayune was quoted twice & cited in the footnotes of a new and authoritative account by Rebecca Theim of the paper's dismantling, Hell and High Water: The Battle to Save the Daily New Orleans Times-Picayune.

In further long-tail news, my 2012 piece on the wrestler Junkyard Dog, an interview with the author of The King of New Orleans: How the Junkyard Dog Became Professional Wrestling’s First Black Superhero, was recently discussed on Metafilter, and made that site's front page.

Jules Bentley on the front page of metafilter


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