Reading & unveiling of 002 … June 28th !!

What’s six months? The blink of an eye, surely. Nevertheless, it is time the second issue of was, to quote the estimable Bolt Thrower, “Unleashed… Upon Mankind.”

This second issue looks gorgeous, thanks to Erin Wilson’s art, and contains the meticulously unpleasant prose that’s the Jules Bentley hallmark.

It will get its own post, but if you’d like a copy– as with the first number, there will be an extremely limited but beautiful print run– please hie thine hindquarters to the Zeitgeist theatre/arts-space on Oretha Castle Haley Tuesday night, where I shall be sweatily declaiming the new installment’s contents and then passing out… copies.

Hope to see you there: June 28th, the day before Giacomo Leopardi’s birthday! There is also a dauntingly awesome lineup of other ‘zinesters and some cracking music from Slow Danger. I don’t DO dull events.

Beginning later this week, there will be copies of 002 available at a few select spots downtown or via running into me personally, my preferred distro method.

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