in the works… and a reading!

Tuesday 1/11/11 at 7pm I have the privilege of joining the awesome Enola Dismay (author of the ‘zine No Gods, No Mattress) and Osa Atoe (among many things, author of the ‘zine Shotgun Seamstress) for an evening of ‘zine reading… and live music courtesy of New Orleans’ own superb Sweet Street Symphony (see video).

This will take place at or near the Iron Rail and is part of Enola’s ‘Zine Reading Tour Oh Eleven. I am a fan of both these vastly more accomplished ‘zinesters and stoked to be on the bill. I haven’t read my writing aloud to an audience in roughly fifteen years– not into being the centre of attention– so this will be quite a little comin’ out for yours truly, although it is alas unlikely to feature “a gazebo completely covered in white feathers with a plume-orb encrusted with twinkle lights hanging above piles of shrimp, stone crab claws and gravlax.

Meanwhile, I am fucking away at and will (I hope) have it ready by then. There will also be reprints of 001 on hand Tuesday, so get at me dogg.

UPDATE: aesthetically different-from-this-blog flyer; more local artisan ‘zinecrafterz added

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