Fresh Embassies and Suits

illustration by Ashlee Arceneaux for Antigravity

illustration by Ashlee Arceneaux for Antigravity

While my novel, Fuckboys, slithers slowly through revision, I've been busy getting my nonfiction into some new places. This week's Brooklyn Paper has the first of what I hope will be many book reviews by Jules Bentley and here at home, my account of a New Orleans Wrestlemania ticket "On-Sale Party" is up at the Gambit's blog.

It feels great to be writing literary criticism. I love reading interesting books, and teasing out what makes them interesting is an exercise that enhances my enjoyment rather than diminishing it. I'm not as well-read as some, but my catholic tastes have given me a breadth of comparison that I think is useful.

Also, as those who've endured me interpersonally for any length of time know, I love professional wrestling. I have been following, watching, attending and thinking about pro wrestling for decades. I love the small-town deep-South indie shows with 20 attendees, the giant slick spectacle of a WWE pay-per-view and everything inbetween. I love how crazy it is, how magical it is, and even how corny it can be. Wrestlemania, the biggest pro wrestling event of the year, is coming to New Orleans, so it's time I upped my game a little and tried sharing my enthusiasm for this art form with as broad an audience as possible.

Back on more familiar territory, I'm very pleased with my piece in October's Antigravity Magazine, in which I hunt Vampires in 2013 New Orleans. Beware!!!

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