Disclaimer of the Month

As a reward for having survived taxation, I am enjoying David Foster Wallace's The Pale King, which itself in part concerns taxes.

Because Wallace hanged himself while writing it, the novel was edited together posthumously and as published is unfinished. The Editor's Note says,

David was a perfectionist of the highest order, and there is no question that The Pale King would be vastly different had he survived to finish it... the terms "titty-pinching" and "squeezing his shoes," for example, would probably not be repeated as often as they are. At least two characters have Doberman hand puppets.

and that's my Disclaimer of the Month.

Tip of the hat to a sharp-eyed reader in Petaling Jaya for bringing to my attention a style-sheet error on the blog. Sorry for your annoyance, hombre, and thanks for the heads-up & feedback!

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