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nor a thorn nor a threatThis is the page I most dread. I'm sure you're perfectly nice, reader, but I don't feel motivated to describe myself to you.

Let's see: I'm a good writer (by contemporary standards) who works hard all the time to improve. If you publish my lively crime thriller, Fuck or Swim, I will promote it and help make it a success.

You can email me at xjulesbentleyx@protonmail.com

I'm obsessed with the work of Anna Kavan; in 2014 I presented a paper at the first-ever Anna Kavan Symposium at the University of London as part of a panel titled "Feminist Approaches to Kavan." That was very exciting for me.

I write zines that people enjoy. I have a Twitter that is in the main blissfully ignored and I sometimes publish personal writing where no-one will look at it.

Clearly I'm uncomfortable. Can't you be a little more considerate? Why do you want to know things about me? People who are around me in real life get to know things about me. People with whom I share certain affinities get to know things about me. That seems plenty. I bet if you publish my book you'll make money.

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What a lively trick to add dynamism and interest to the site.

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