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Art by Ben Passmore

Art by Ben Passmore

I don't like being "busy." On an ideal day I work a few hours on my fiction, cook a few meals, spend time sitting under a tree with a book, pet my cat, admire my garden and go to bed with my sweetheart. Ambition's not my most prominent characteristic; I'd call myself lazy.

...all of which said, the breakneck pace at which I've been chewing through paid work since Carnival season has been more fun than I'd have expected. I've been very fortunate lately in terms of writing opportunities, most of them connected with the upcoming WrestleMania XXX. I can't wait for the big WrestleMania weekend, and then I can't wait to resume what I anticpate will be a more leisurely lifestyle.

In the meantime, I've been in the Gambit's blog a bunch: writing about my passion for pro wrestling itself, earnestly discussing the WWE's relationship to labor, and exhaustively compiling & characterising the numerous events taking place during WrestleMania week.

Most recently, I had the privilege of interviewing legendary WWE broadcaster-- and podcaster, and BBQ magnate, and writer, and live performer-- Jim Ross about his upcoming one-man show. There is, I hope, more to come; you can stay up-to-the-moment apprised of my Gambit writing through my author link on their site.

The Brooklyn Paper has another one of my book reviews, and I co-wrote a piece about AirBnB in New Orleans for Antigravity Magazine that attracted a lot of attention from all over. While I have friends who voted Obama, the fact of the matter is nobody does self-serving outrage as energetically as liberals, and the Airbnb shoe fit a lot of yuppies less comfortably than they liked. I daresay few folks of any caste enjoy having their pieties poked at, but when you challenge the comfortable choices of people whose entire sense of self is founded on condescension, the result is a figurative firestorm. They excoriated me on Reddit, they inveighed against me on Facebook, and they flung Prius-purchaser poo all over the article's comment section. Hilarious!

Writing the piece itself, in collaboration with another anarchist writer I only recently got to know, was a cool experience, notwithstanding the unpleasantness of working late nights during Carnival's final weekend. I do a few things well enough, and a lot of things half-assedly; teaming with someone whose areas of strength encompass some of my more glaring weaknesses was rewarding.

My novel, now titled Fuck or Swim, is in the hands of a potential publisher... I've got my fingers, toes and Singapore canes crossed.

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