An Inaugural Note

Later today I am going to print out & assemble …an illustrated short fiction piece titled “Alex on the Rug.”

There will be a limited edtion of 75 printed on some gorgeous heavy cardstock that Pauline found on the side of the road in the 7th Ward.  They will be available exclusively at the Iron Rail and at the Hypothetical Development Organization‘s December 10 Preview Party at Beckham’s Bookstore in the French Quarter… or from Jules himself, who will be swanning self-importantly about town with a li’l satchelful.  (update: only a few of the run left, & I have ‘em… find me to get one)

A subsequent less fancily-printed edition will be available more broadly downtown.

If you want a copy and have the gross, almost insurmountable misfortune not to be in New Orleans, I will shortly be uploading a printable PDF edition, so anyone with access to 11×14″ paper and a printer can make their own. It won’t have my or Pauline’s grimy residual finger-oil soaked into the folds, but will be otherwise identical.



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