A Carefree Life

Hello readers. It's been an eventful couple months, but fear not: the Jules Bentley content-creation matrix is still grinding out garbage for you to jam in your eyeholes.

My latest eteliolated extrusion may be found draped limply across the cover of the Gambit Weekly: an interview with a couple graffiti artists I like. As Ben Passmore says, "I do envy people who have to commit crime to make their art."

Speaking of crimes, a vote back in April provided me all the excuse I needed to go hard la la la on the multiple tiers of law enforcement-- the piggurat, if you will-- afflicting the French Quarters. This is ostensibly part one of a multi-part series on control, movement and enclosure pertaining to new orleans, but something interesting about the future is that you just never fucking know what is going to happen. Like sometimes you can be a person who, despite a generally agnostic approach to reality, clings to certain inviolable forms of trust as Jules Bentley Gambit Coverbeing maybe the only fixed point relative to which one could conceivably orient oneself in the ocean of churning rancid horror that is modern life. And then one day you can find out you were a big stupid idiot! And the sun rises and the sun sets and the world keeps on or doesn't. So where is part 2? I can't decide whether following through or failing would be more boring. Both are boring.

I interviewed noise-lordz Hijoakaidan for the Gambit's blog. First time interviewing someone through a translator.

There may have been within this unaccountably narrow space some prevenient mention of nonservi.am, a supreme jockey-dropper of a zine I wrote back when I had slightly different priorities. There really aren't any left, but Silver Sprocket bought up the dregs to distro, so that's news.

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