002 — Underfoot

Each new version of Flash I pirate takes me longer to master; this must be what old age feels like. After sloshing my Ensure into the laptop, nonservi.am/002, “Underfoot,” now exists online, as you can see above, with Erin Wilson art making it oh so easy on the eyes!

I have been handing out the print copies piecemeal the last six weeks or so, but will shortly be distributing the final full numbered run of 200 to a list of locations TBD… Faubourg Art & Books at Chartres & Frenchmen, the Iron Rail on Barracks near Decatur… Watch this space!

For those who complain about nonservi.am‘s superior print version (on gorgeous, pale-rose specialty cardstock from Marco’s Paper) being available only in a single half-mile diameter piece of downtown New Orleans, please be reminded that I also carry copies on my person and give them away wherever I go… and I travel widely across the 3rd through 9th wards of New Orleans, as well as the upriver portion of St. Bernard Parish… so who are YOU calling parochial?

PLUS! I’m proud to announce copies are available (while they last) at the legendary Page & Palette of Fairhope, AL. One love Gulf Coast!

To enhance your screen-staring experience & further distract you from the second issue’s tedious prose, please enjoy this accompanying live performance of the Sunnyboys’ 1982 Aussie chart-topper “You Need a Friend.”

Take care & spike your hair…

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